Aunt and Uncle Having Baby

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Aunt and Uncle Having Baby

Post by Terrie on Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:14 am

had a dream that my aunt and uncle had a baby and the baby had died. My aunt took the child away and buried it somewhere hidden in the woods, forest. Later on in the dream I received a phone call from both them telling me that she was pregnant , wanted to get pregnant. My uncle said that Clara is pregnant and wanted to have a baby for a long time. I spoke with her and she said yes I'm having a baby I can't wait. My uncle was confused and looked bewildered. My aunt was going about things as if it were all normal. Also in the dream I kept seeing a dog a beagle to be exact. Now I know that backwards dog spells GOD. The beagle in the dream was sitting near a tree that my aunt had passed while going deep off into the thicket of the woods. The dog didn't bark he just sit there. He was brown and black in color with a collar hanging from his neck.
There are more details about the dream I can't remember but the reason this dream is so weird is because my aunt and uncle are in there 60's. This stage of their life is over.
Maybe it's one their 3 sons going to be a father they have no daughters. Their grand daughters are too young to be having children so it's not one of them.

My uncle has a birthday coming up next month so maybe it's something to do with the little party he is having for himself. I want feed back about this dream so anybody have any ideas what it could be.

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