Japan`s disaster?

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Japan`s disaster?

Post by kalda on Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:10 pm

I had a dream on March 3rd 2011, and the dream is kind of disturbing me I still have not heard from God yet or maybe I did but could not figure it out!!!!
The setting of the dream was a school. It was in the afternoon and we just finished our classes, I was a Junior High School teacher in the dream. So I was climbing down the stairs with some of my students chatting all the while, set to go home and the students were going for their baseball practice. Suddenly we heard an alarm blowing, it was announcing of an imminent danger and calling everyone to leave the site at once and carry along our things (it was meant for the students for after their games, they were to come back to school and pick up their things). So while they went back up to pick their things, I continued downstairs for I was already set to leave school as I was climbing the stairs down I saw the sea through the windows, the school was surrounded by sea, just like an island!!! I went closer to the window to look more intently and I saw that the sea water was dirty and there were black spots formed at certain places and floating in the sea!!! Also I was hearing a sound, music. Kind of instrumental song and it was so peaceful to the heart, to the soul and the song kept playing all the while. Then when I reached the entrance, I saw so much dirt that waves brought on the shore from the sea, so much dirt and among the dirt were even dead bodies and the soil, ground was muddy, and the mud color was black. So as we were all going towards the gate we were walking on the black mud. Suddenly I saw my mother`s friend and I asked her if she can give me a lift, she said yes and I said ok I am waiting for you by the car then she realized I was saying that moment and she was thinking of tomorrow instead and she told me that and added she promised my mother to give us a lift tomorrow for it seems that they were forecasting another disaster for the next day. But I told her no I will not need a ride tomorrow instead I need it now. And we parted ways. Then I woke up and when I woke up, the song was still playing in my mind and I was even singing it throughout the morning but now I could not remember it again.
Now I live in Japan, and as you know this country was ravaged by a double disaster, the earthquake and the tsunami. Beginning this week (Sunday or Monday I think)my mother told me this “you who call yourselves Christians, don`t you think it is the moment for you to go to those various shelters and preach and help these victims? And I answered her by saying this “are you not a Christian too, why can`t you preach also to them? Then it ended there. But some days later, precisely since yesterday I kept having a burden in my heart about the displaced in various shelters, to use this opportunity and preach. But I am not a preacher, I am not a pastor, I just teach adult Sunday school in church on Sundays. But I keep having this burden in my heart that this is the time for a crusade, for we will never have another opportunity with such population for crusades like this one!!!!
I am like what can I do? Then this morning, God just put in my heart music, to minister through music then there was a specific Japanese song that came to my mind, it talks about love, we were born to be loved. So I try to contact one Japanese Christian singer this morning but could not lay my hands yet on the Japanese sister who sang the Japanese version of “we were born to be loved and love”. My idea is to get him and work something out with him like a mini concert with other Japanese Christians singers and some preaching/exhortations from some Pastors.
Please can anyone help me with the meaning of the dream and also with the direction to go pertaining to this burden in my heart?
Please needless to say, we need your prayers.
God bless you abundantly. Let us rise and give glory to God in this nation where Christianity is just 1%.

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