!!!!New Member with VERY VIVID, DETAILED dream[/color]

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!!!!New Member with VERY VIVID, DETAILED dream[/color]

Post by barbldaniels on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:50 pm

I was in a foreign country with a "team"-absolutely no idea of faces/people. I was going down a residential feeling street. Buildings on the right hand side seemed not finished. Overall feeling was impoverished area. Passed a building I knew to be a restaurant. Although looked like it wasn't good, I knew I had eaten there and that it was good. The next building was the hotel we were staying at. Also looked "yucky". In the lobby was a man and four women in uniform at a long curved desk. Lobby seemed nice and I felt relieved. Knew there were bad people after our team, but I wasn't worried since I had a baseball bat.

Now in the room where I was supposed to sleep. Long narrow room with a twin bed on the right. Although there was a team member with me, she was sleeping. Room seemed very creepy. I looked and saw the area where the toilet should be. It was not there and out of the hole in the ground was a gross, disgusting mess. Next to it was a sink where I thought I'd wash my hands, but it also had a sludgy mess. The back of the room felt like an unkept storage area. Toward the front of the room on the left was a huge vault door (the kind with a big round wheel to open it). I thought maybe I could get out this way. I noticed a crystal doorknob but it had cobwebs on it. The vault door felt creepy and I knew I didn't want to go there. The front door to the room was actually those cheap plastic mini-blinds that were broken in places. I looked out and could see lamps in other rooms. I wanted to check out and go to another hotel, but knew I couldn't until the next day.

I went next door to see if my other team members had better rooms. Rooms were much better and prettier, but were outside on top of the roof. Then looking around I noticed a lot of people sleeping on the roof in their "rooms". There were all close together almost like a shanty town-not a lot of excess room. There was some greenery and although not covered felt like a much better place.

Now next day, I and my team are in the parliament bulding. I know we are there to meet the general. I notice the floor in marble with inlaid emblems. I think "wow" these are just like the floors of the Austin capitol building. (I live in Austin, but the floors really aren't like that). Going around a corner I see the general coming towards me. The person is big and barrel chested and a woman. I say, even knowing in my dream that this is not true, "Oh, you must be the general's wife". She said "no, I am the general". I immediately felt a subtle shrinking back (almost like a disqualification). However, she turned to me and said "come with me". I started walking with her and mentioned that the floors were just like the ones in Austin. She said, "you should see the dome in my room". (The Austin capitol has a huge dome just like the Washington DC capitol).

Next we are across a courtyard and in the palace upstairs in her room. She has a gold, four poster bed in the center. Her furnishings are sparse, but also gold. The room is half a circle, but with the center cut out-so basically an arc. I see the dome up and to the left over the cut-out part. Also, the outside arc of her room is a half wall and overlooks down below. Also there are arch ways on either side of her room, but no doors. I comment on her room - something about it being so open. She responds "yes and we also don't have that much room". Overall, the feeling of the room was VERY good.

Last part of the dream, the general and I are running back across the courtyard to the parliament building. It is raining and we both have long cloaks.

The first thing I did when I woke up was ask the Lord if the creepy room was in any way me. (Background 1. I've had a dream of being in my mom's bathroom and having a snake attack - generational. 2. I had a dream of being in my own bathroom - personal.) I definitely felt the Lord say, "no this wasn't your room". Probably the most vivid and detailed dream I have ever had. I know there is a lot of symbolism in it and I have some ideas already, but believe there is still more to uncover. Thanks so much for your time! (BTW - I posted this a minute ago I think in the wrong area - Dreams Interpreted)

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