fermented honey

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fermented honey

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:45 am

My husband and I were driving in our car (he was driving). We were going somewhere and I tell him there are 2 different ways to go. We come to one turn off which was one of the ways and I tell him we can get there by going this way.
He questions me because it is a dirt road (in my dream it was a farmers road through a forest in Germany that I know, only it was different) and I assure him that it's the correct road.
The first part of the road is just like any dirt road then shortly it turns treacherous where we barely fit (Very narrow) on the road and on the right side it drops off and there is heavy erosion. It's a little scary but we make it to the end.
We are out of the car and there is this glass barrel of honey and honey tasting utensils (straws, plates, napkins) on a low table. The mouth of the barrel is open and honey is coming out, I get a straw and stick it into the honey to get honey inside the straw.
I taste the honey and it tastes fermented. I tell my husband that it is fermented and then in my mind I'm thinking that it is just the honey that is coming out of the barrel and the inside it isn't fermented. So then we walk on and get to where these ladies had been serving a potluck like buffet dinner (not a potluck though) and they were covering up the food to put it away and I go up and ask if I can get some food. At first she didn't hear me and so I repeated myself. She got me a plate and I told her which food I wanted. I don't remember if I woke up or that was the end of the dream.
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