Family, bathrooms and being lost

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Family, bathrooms and being lost

Post by purebride on Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:01 pm


I have had several dreams about family. 2 or 3 which stand out the most to me. I had 3 in the last week and a half. I will share in order. My first dream was over a week ago. I was in a hotel with my family (aunts, sister-in-law, mom, cousins, my daughter) preparing for a ministry event. We were getting dressed and I was preparing to take a shower. I placed my clothes in the bathroom and realized my cousin was going to take her shower. It was understood that I should go next but instead she allowed a friend of hers to go in front of me. Somehow I ended up going through a small door which lead to the outside of the hotel (it resembled a loading dock but was like a slide). My sister-in-law tried to grab my hand to help me back in the hotel. She was unsuccessful in helping me back into the hotel and I ended up getting pickup in a car by someone that ministers with me.

The next dream happened on yesterday. I was with my family and having what appeared to be an event or celebration. There was buffet style eating and I was helping to prepare some of the food. One of my uncles came late and we saved him food. I remembered having a conversation with him regarding the food.

The last dream which occurred today. I was with my family at my grandmother's old house (a home where I spent a great deal of my childhood-it was torn down about 10 years ago) and my uncle owned the home in my dream. A lot of my cousins, mom, aunts, uncles and siblings were there. We were preparing for an event of some sort. I remember speaking to a few relatives about certain things and greeting some of them with hugs. The house looked similar on the inside but when I entered each room it was new. So the old house was there but each room was newly designed and decorated. It was time for me to get dressed and I was going to take a shower and saw two showers (one for tall people and one for short people). Again it happened, a cousin of mine (this time a different cousin) wanted to shower before me and and wanted someone else to shower after her (instead of allowing me to go next). The same thing happened again while in the bathroom and a door opened to take me to another part of what appeared to be the house but it was a newly developed business district. This time I was lost and could not find my way back to the house. I saw other people from my past (high school schoolmates). One particiular lady I was friends with was trying to help me get back to the house. She and her current husband and his cousin or brother (can't remember). I do not remember making it back to my uncle's house in the dream. However, I remember the search for the house in detail. I also lost 2 or 3 of my back teeth in the dream and I remember seeing myself in a bikini for some of the dream (once I was lost).

As you can see my dreams are very detailed. I feel the Holy Spirit is moving some old emotions and things from my past out of the way to bring in the new. It is a season of transition in my life and I have been going through healing in some areas. My main question is about the two situations with my cousins in the bathroom and existing out of a back door and then being lost. I feel each of these dreams are related.



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