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snake dreams

Post by breathehim on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:26 pm

I have had several dreams about snakes lately. Most of the dreams have more than one snake. The most recant dream I was outside near a river and there were several cliffs and some rock formations around, some trees, bushes, grass, & some dirt. I was with several people who I was having fun with (like a hiking trip with friends). I was about 10 feet from the river (with shallow, clear gently moving water) and had stooped over to do something/pick something up next to a rock formation/small cliff about 10 inches to my left. I was smiling and talking loudly with the group who were scattered about - all several yards away - some alone some with others. I had answered a man standing on the other side of the river, laughed and stood up, looked to my left and was face to face with a curled up snake that looked like it was sleeping. I was a bit alarmed then noticed that it was dead. I laughed and shouted to the man across the river, "Did you see that?! I stood up and there was this snake right there - eye to eye. Thank goodness it's dead!" And the man started over to take a look. Just then the snake moved back several feet and began to unwind and it was two snakes. One alive and one dead. The live one was hidden with the dead one. The live one started toward us. Next I was in a canoe on the river, which was much deeper and wider now, with someone else in the boat with me and one of my friends took on animated super powers to make the boat go faster because the snake was pursuing us and was very fast. Once the 'superpowers kicked in we moved very fast away from the snake. The other people were leaving the area at the same time; some on the bank and some in boats. We were all joyful and kind of laughing in amazement at the way the snake was so fast.

The dream a few weeks ago had two snakes. They wer ehanging out together, like they were snake friends. One was flat and had 1" dark straight hair covering the entire length of the snake on the top. I believe the underneath side as smooth and the second snake was normal. Both were long. The hairy/furry one was about 7-8 feet long. They frightened me some, because they were snakes, but both went past me, even though I know that they knew I was there. The hairy one was dominant and came within inches of my feet as he passed, and the normal-looking snake was meaner. I was outdoors in rocky terrain. Some man was with me.

The dream before that one had about 50 snakes - different shapes and sizes, Rocky terrain and small pools of water in some of the rock pockets. There was a second layer of rock flooring about 8' beneath the one I was on that also had many snakes about 100 with several dens of snakes and some pools of water.
I was with some man and we were walking carefully. Some snakes were visible and some trying to hide. I knew I had to pass, especially into this one area, and had to step over them. It was hard because there were so many but I had to get through. All of the snakes seemed to be mean and ready to strike, but did not pursue me. One very large fat white/flesh-toned shake that was obese & about 10' long, began to aggressively pursue me to kill me. I knew she would win. (Yes, it was a female snake).

Thank you for reading these. God speaks to me in my dreams and typically makes them abundantly clear. I am having problems understanding these, especially the last two. I was 'verbally attacked' by an obese woman at church when I had the last dream and think that might have been what that was about. Now THAT was weird!
Thank you from your sister in Christ and may God bless you.

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