Fire on a ship

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Fire on a ship

Post by baffling on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:01 pm

In my dream it was night time and I was a passenger among many on a giant boat in the middle of the sea. In the center of the boat were three (3)rooms that had burned while everyone slept. Only the charred wooden frames remained. People were crowded around saying, "How could this happen?". The rooms were only visible through three very large picture windows. Kind of like a display the museum. People would walk past to look through the windows and were shocked by the damage, but they continued on their way minding their own business. I heard my father's voice say, "The wood is burned, but only on the surface. If you take off the top layer the wood underneath is still good. We just need to sand them down and rebuild the walls around them".

Then, I found myself in a small dining room where I used. While workers in the next room were taking decorations to adorn the burnt rooms. I was collecting the fanciest of the little trinckets and decorations and placing them on shelves in the dining room. A young boy, about 8-10 years old appeared in the room and stood next to me. He was helping a man who was a well dressed servant or butler. The servant took the best of the decorations that I was putting on the shelves and used them to decorate the dinner table behind me. Not sure, but for a moment I thought I was the child, but at the same time I wasn't.

On another shelf I saw a decorative cedar box that was used to hold coasters. It stood out from the fancy decorations which were gold, brass, silver because it seemed to be made hastily or by a novice. I thought they would be good to protect the table from being damaged by the drinking water, but the servant did not want it because it did not match the table and he said, "Only the finest things were selected for the table". The child and I felt sorry for the wood trincket because it was handmade giving it value.

Then, I saw a woman that was recently expelled from one of our shelters. She was helping the pastor get volunteers to repair the burnt rooms but nobody on the ship wanted to clean them because of the smell of burnt wood. The woman led the the reluctant workers by saying, "Sometimes we have to just humbly bow our heads down and be grateful for the opportunity to serve". With that said, the people were silenced, bowed their heads and went to work feeling humbled by her words. Yet, some still asked if they could wear perfume to mask the smell of burnt wood. The pastor told them, "Others before already tried that. I wouldn't recommend that. The smell of different perfurmes mixed together would be nauseating and it would only smell like burnt wood and perfume". She suggested no perform at all.

Afterwards, I envisioned the boat going up a rollercoaster and I was sitting in the back of the boat. As the boat cranked over the first hill I was terrified that the boat would break in half while at the top of the hill because the burnt rooms in the middle of the boat had not been repaired yet. Then I woke up.

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