the mountein dream..

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the mountein dream..

Post by JunoReactor21 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:23 pm

befor i start i like to Pray about this that God will tell me what this dream means through his holy spirit.. in Jesus name amen...

ok i had this dream may years ago......its a sort one but felt real.... I was walking and wail i was walking the ground begun to turn in to a small hill, then a big hill and it was starting to become difficult to walk. I walk more then it quickly started to turn from a hill to a mountain and it was quit difficult to clim very difficult to clim i couldn't even finish climbing then this hand reached out and graped me and flung me into the air and i was frightened wail being swong into the hair and i looked down and saw who graped me i couldnt see there face but the person was wairing a red shirt and had long black hair...i think it was a woman.....too... and there where others around that person...

P.S im not that good at spelling..

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Re: the mountein dream..

Post by Delightful soul on Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:09 am

The hill is your walk with the Lord I believe and the woman represents the enemy. He will look attractive to you, but will in fact throw you off your course and cause all those feelings you felt in the dream. The others are the demons with her(him).

Perhaps this was a warning dream. Was it reoccurring at the time you had it? Can you see how this interp may have already come to pass?

If I have missed it with this interp, please disregard it.

But I hope I have helped.

Blessings thumbs

Delightful soul
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