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Post by glry2god77720 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:44 am

hi there was hoping someone could help me out about a dream i had a couple of weeks ago. My friend I went to this house we did not know the people. she said I dont think this is a good idea. When we walked in we seen two women , one with a small child. I began to tell one of the women about jesus, then said in the name of jesus come out of her. The woman exhaled deeply and slumped over. Two big men came into the house they were their husbands one of them said hey whats going on here ! I began to talk with him . I could see he was angry. I began to tell him how God sees him that he really does have a kind heart and spoke words of life into him. I then said in the name of Jesus you need to go. I seen a peace and different countenance come over his face. The dream then switched to me and my son at that same house briefly then it jumped to me and my husband watching a video. He said that him and my son had went to this house and he had to show me what happened. We began watching the video it showed how they went to the house and the man I had prayed over put my son and my husband both in chairs . He tied my husband up and was standing over him with something gold in his hand looking as though he was getting ready to hit him. As I sat there watching the video I could see all of a sudden this white cloudy mist surround this man and could see a bright white rays coming from the hand that held the gold object. My husband said to me hey honey someone is at the door. I said to him wait hang on. My focus was deep into this video trying to figure out what this bright light was that came upon this man. My husband said again honey someone is at the door. I got up to answer the door and standing there was this man in the video holding a bible in his arms with a little lady beside him. I let them in. He began to say " I have been thinking about all the things you said to me when you were at my home and I figure this little lady could help me out. I began to look through the bible in his hand then must have said something to the lady like this is wonderful because she said ,.h I don't know. I replied God can do above and beyond all we could ever think or imagine. she came back with saying something else and I said God is bigger. I wondered to myself if this little lady would be a very good encourager to this man and was hoping this woman would not bring discouragement to him. I was thinking about where he lived and what church he would be best suited for him , then thought about my own. Then got woke up.

I would appreciate any help. May God bless you and keep you,

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Re: deliverance

Post by Dove-Solutions on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:20 am

Good morning,

These are my thoughts. Could it be the Lord is showing you that you are called to be a deliverance/healing minister and also have an encouragement gift. I believe your husband represents the Lord showing you that when you obey him, he will defend and protect you. The cloud of mist I believe represents the Holy Spirit. I pray this is of help for discernment.

Love in Jesus,


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