Tall Green Trees & The Crashing Stump BOTH Pt 1 & Pt 2

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Tall Green Trees & The Crashing Stump BOTH Pt 1 & Pt 2

Post by eyeoflight on Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:05 pm

I dreamed I was walking through a wooded forrest with about 3 or 4 small children between the ages of 6-10. I was steering them through this wooded place, walking very carefully so they wouldn't fall. The forrest had lots of very tall trees with small bright green leaves. The sun was shining through the trees. As I was turning and moving through the forrest I noticed a very large tree stump (with the roots) sitting near the upper part of one of the trees. All of a sudden some trees came loudly crashing down in the distance behind. I thought to myself "wow, those trees must have landed on the other side of the forrest but there's some houses over there". The tree fell down that had the huge tree stump sitting on it also. As we went along another tree came crashing down along with big, wide pieces of the tree. Once we got to the house or home, I had each child wipe their feet on a rug to get all the mud off of their shoes before going inside. They were Indian ethnicity and there was one adult. I think he was their father or a family member. He was glad they were okay. There was one American child (boy) I think mine.


I dreamed I was at my former church (where I grew up and where I am currently playing part-time) for a Sunday morning service. The choir I used to play for was going to be singing and the church was packed with people. For some reason I was in another part of the building talking with a long-time friend from high school. We're still friends today. I was eating some candy. Jolly Ranchers, I think. Then either someone came in to get me or I realized on my own that I'd already missed everything up to the point where they sing the morning hymn. I heard the minister say and now we will sing hymn # 553 (or 533). I ran into the main sanctuary and up to the piano. As I ran in I saw my ex sitting on the sidelines at a keyboard to my left. The pastor looked at me and said "553". I was trying to find a hymnal but they were in different places. When I found one and turned to page 553 it was missing. The pulpit was full of pastors and ministers. There was dead silence. I was so embarrassed. Just when I couldn't get any more embarrassed the sun beamed through the ceiling and I saw those very tall trees with the bright green leaves. These leaves started falling inside the church where we all were and then it started to rain heavily and everyone got wet but for some reason they didn't jump up and run out right away. They and I just let the rain fall on us. Then I did try to leave or I did leave.

Some background: I am american, female, professional musician, minister, accountable to solid leadership and very involved in church and it's ministries relevant to my gifts. Was wondering if this dream #1 is relevant to any leader or leadership associates around me and if my church or someone else's is representative of the trees crashing down and the children, it's members. Its the very green leaves that's causing me to wonder if the two dreams are connected in any way. I'm open to seeing things another way if that's what God gives anyone.

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