Spiraling stairs going up sky high

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Spiraling stairs going up sky high

Post by hind'sfeet on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:26 am

I was somewhere in this weird city downtown. Looking for my husband and sneaking around like I'm hiding from someone because I went through some barricades that were blocking my way.
I come to this spiraling stairway going up as high as a highrise tower or higher. I'm running up and I'm being chased by some bad guys. There are no rails on these stairs and they have no support system so it looks like just a really big spiral. I'm running up and I'm really super high in the air noticing there are no rails and I look down and see one of the bad guys trip and proceed to fall and then I keep going up. This thing seems to never end but it does, I just don't make it there before I woke up. I need to find my husband so I call him on my cell phone but I don't actually talk to him and I know he is at the top of the stairs at a place that serves beer.

Oh, the spiraling stairs didn't actually have steps either it was a smooth surface.

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