Smashing cars

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Smashing cars

Post by tjw on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:22 am

I am working really hard studying to take the MCAT to get into medical school. I deamed last night that I was in my car at night and as I was backing out of the parking lot I ran over some cars smashing them on my way out. I even almost hit a lady walking in the appartment driveway with her groceries. I ended up only smashing the groceries. I stopped and called the police to come and everyone was pretty nice about the whole thing. The cop took my insurance information and I felt relieved that I did not hurt someone and that no one was too upset. Anyone knows what this means? Before I went to sleep I prayed that God would give me a vision of myself already in med school so I could be comforted that I will make it in. This has been a long struggle and the studying is not easy. God has given me dreams before with scenes of things that actually happened in the future. Once when I was pregnant with my first daughter I prayed to know what she would look like. Later I dreamed I saw her standing by my couch about 2 years old with her diaper on and a cute liitle puff ball in her hair. The scene acutally happened in real life later exactly as in my dream.
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