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Post by Sirianta on Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:41 am

I dreamt that a few friends (don't know them irl) went with me to take my kids to the dentist. There was an elevator which we had to go in. The dentist was on the 2nd floor. The elevator door went open (irl i don't like elevators, kinda scared of them lol! ) my friend's was hesitant to go in but I wasn't scared at all and even held my hand agianst the door to stop it from closing (irl I would never do this). I went in and another friend. My little girl stayed with the other friends outside the elevator and just before the door closed she ran inside to me. The doors closed and I pressed the number 2 button and we waited a looooong while before the elevator started moving. I couldn't understand it. While waiting for it to move I felt claustrophobic (irl i do have claustrophobia). This elevator was very small. My little girl stood in front of me holding on to my legs and looked up at me. I knew I had to be strong for her sake.

Then the elevator started moving and I felt that feeling in my stomach when an elevator moves. It moved with great speed, but downwards scratching chin and not up as it's suppose to go. This was puzzeling to me. But when the doors opened we were on the 2nd floor Scratch Chin We climbed out the elevator and then my little boy was with us as well. They ran of to a play area for children at the dentist.

I saw a lady whom I saw in primary school last. She told me she has 4 children. Then I found myself outside at a pool area. One of my friends (whom I don't knw irl, a guy) took a bicycle and climbed on it and I had to hold on to the handles for him so that he could do tricks with this bicycle. He was hopping with this bicycle on the front wheel for 20minutes! When he was finished I couldn't believe 20 minutes has past, 'cause it didn't feel so long. Then I thought all of us has gifts. THis was a special feeling. I thaught that my gift was to dive in the pool (irl i can dive and swim, but this wouldn't be my obvious talent. There are other stuff I would more likely choose irl) and I got the impression that it symbolised swift and quick movement. I also saw a vision of me swimming and flying very fast through trees, swift and precise without touching any branches etc.

A lot of the stuff in the dream has to do with stuff I wouldn't do irl. Like the elevator and swimming won't be my obvious choise.

The fact that I took my children to the dentist also feels important, because the night before I dreamt that I saw my two children coming to me with tooth brushes in their hands scratching chin

And why did it feel as if the elevator went downward when we ended up at the 2nd floor where I wanted to be.

God bless

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