Buying a place and renovation

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Buying a place and renovation

Post by dphopeful on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:00 am

I hope some may be able to interpret these dreams for me

In the dream I was going about looking for a place to buy and found this flat/bedsit that was quite ancient and a bit run down. I don't remember it having a living room or bedroom (as in I did not see them). However I saw the kitchen and bathroom and kitchen and they were both run down to say the least. I decided I was going to go for it and hopefully make it up to my taste. I also noticed it did not have a dedicated entrance as in if anyone entered the building they will have access to the bathroom/kitchen doors. I still thought since it will be my own permanent place I will use a curtain to demarcate and was glad it was going to be mine
As I came out of the building I saw a middle aged woman who was also a prospective buyer.
The next scene I saw someone announcing to me that the place we were currently in was going to be renovated and the authorities (board of Landlord) had made the announcement. Everyone was jubilating. It was said that the extent of renovation will depend on the colour of your bedsit, i think if you were green or blue you get extensive overhaul. I then hurried over to check the colour of my bedsit and it fell into that category i.e. blue/green.

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