Dream #2 - The Flood

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Dream #2 - The Flood

Post by Perimeter on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:13 am

Dream #2 – The Flood

I walked into the front door of an apartment with people that were familiar to me…. I remember looking around as you would when entering a place for the first time. I passed a hall and continued to walk. As I walked I noticed a hole in the upper part of the wall to my right. This hole was painted bright blue; either the hole itself or the room behind the hole was bright blue.

I was still walking and looking and now I was walking in the direction I came from and passed a hall again but this time I looked and saw another blue hole…. I stopped and asked; why are these holes in the wall?

Now I was coming in the back door with caution! It looked like there had been a great flood; there was standing water, many people floating around inside the apartment and it was dark. There were men woman and children; it was a lot of death! As we looked we could see that the people were dead….. We walked in and slowly moved and looked around and someone started to move…… I said this one is alive and we moved towards them and all of the people started to sit up….. We just stood there in awe….. I said let’s get them outside so we opened the front door and started walking them out….. As we walked out the door the person/people in the apartment directly across the hall were coming out side as well; I saw a man (not sure if there were others with him) he said y’all made it too and he started shouting and praise God…. We were standing in the area between two open doors… I woke up…… this was a silent dream; no voices…..
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