Dream #1 - The Streets

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Dream #1 - The Streets

Post by Perimeter on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:10 am

Dream #1 – The Streets

I was in the streets of a neighborhood with lots of people around. To the right there was what looked like a plane, a large space of land with many tornados forming in it at once. It was as if the people were moving in one direction and the tornados caused them to move in another…. I remember seeing some people way off to the north of the tornados and wondered if they knew about them….. there were some people gathered together to the east of the tornados just standing and looking at what looked like the formation of another tornado but the closer I got it started to look like fire and not wind…. As I got closer it looked like lava coming out of the ground and I realized it was a volcano, small but surely a volcano… People were standing there looking at it….. It was in the front yard of a house…. I walked past it and I remember the brightness of the red, the heat and the stinging of my skin as I walked up to the house. Now I was inside of the house looking under the kitchen sink and I saw a hole and as I looked closer I realized it was another place that the volcano had broken ground and I woke up. This was a silent dream; no voices
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