Preparing for persicution and terrorist attack in America.

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Preparing for persicution and terrorist attack in America.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:24 am

WOW I had a busy night of dreaming. Just needing a little insight/ conformation. I had two dreams about this preparation of persecution and terrorist attacks. This will be part one and part two. The second one came after the first one in the same dream they may not seem like they fit together but for what ever reason God put them together.

Dream part 1,

I was at some new friends house at this new church I am going to in real life. I am talking with some of the people and I fallow a man outside his backyard it was all country and I say hey you have cobwebs on your trees and he starts to clean them up. Then at a distance I see these two kids dressed up like terrorists with machine guns in their hands. I felt in my spirit a heavy presence and knew before long America will be hit by terrorists and persecution and all of a sudden these two boys turn around and shoot us with their toy machine guns at first I thought the bullets might be real and was relieved they were toy machine guns . The next thing I know my new church is preparing to deal with terrorists by being killed. Then we are in the same backyard which is all country where the two boys where with their machine guns.There was a grave dug up and each one of us had to fall into this grave. We would have our last meal read off a list we wrote and pretend that we were going to die by falling into this grave. I was in the kitchen cooking for all the peoples who were going to fall into the grave. The church people turned into little kids and those same boys where there that had the machine guns. I was called to go in the backyard it was my turn to fall into the grave. So I go in the backyard and I am eating at a picnic table with all these church people who turned into kids. I began making jokes about falling into the grave to ease the tension at the table about death and some of them get a little upset with me. Then I stand in the grave reading off this list I had written before I played dead like everyone else did.

Dream part 2

All of a sudden I was sitting around this round table. The round table had a white table cloth on it. And everyone who was sitting around the round table had to play this game. There was a light over the table in a dark room and we had this grapefruit that was marked with different numbers or pictures. So we would roll the grapefruit and what ever number popped up or picture popped up we would have to tell the truth about that certain picture or number of something in our life or things as many times as the number we landed on on the grapefruit. The game was not about winning but telling the truth. I had a hard time with this game either I rolled the grapefruit to hard and it would fall off the table on the floor or it would not land on anything, then finally I rolled the grapefruit to a dog and I told them tree truths about my friends and family's dogs. One One got hit by a car, two one died at birth, three another one got lost. The next thing I know I am searching for this lost dog....

No I did not drink or watch anything before I went to

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