Chair to Jerusalem

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Chair to Jerusalem

Post by zephaniah3_17dln on Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:46 am

First Lord may you bring the interpretation, Amen. I was in a new apartment and for some reason I had married my wife for a second time. Someone was stalking our apartment and I left and went into a strange city. The Being continued to chase me. I ran far faster than the cars in the street and went to a place with children. They hid me for a while but I sensed "he" was trying to get in. I sliped out the back and as I was speaking to a female child "he" come from behind me. I saw a limo and then three green containers like dumpsters. Each one had a white map of places. One with Trading points of King Solomon's in north Africa, another places in egypt and surounding Israel, and the third was of Jerusalem. I chose the third and it fell over and there was a great wind that came from the container. The there was a double chair or two chairs connected with a round piece of metal with a picture of a map. I sat on the larger chair. Then there was a great wind and I was in the smaller chair. I noticed I was now in Jerusalem.

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