911 Fire and no help

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911 Fire and no help

Post by Glad on Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:25 am

Hi everyone
Here is the dream: My husband's boss bought me a trailer to live in which he put by the edge of a dump, across of a bigger factory. I hadn't known about it, but was okay with it. I was glad to have something to myself (didn't remember I had family in the dream). Because the location didn't seem too safe I decided to plant a cedar hedge so it wasn't spotted that easy that someone actually lived there. As I went around the trailer I saw that someone else had planted trees before but cut them down. All the tree trunks were on fire! I figured I had to get help or all would burn down, thinking the insurance would cover the trailer but where could I go and live?
Looking for help by or in the factory found a woman driving a firetruck, she was very friendly, but didn't help. Called 911, the same thing, someone very friendly, but no help. I woke up.
Thanks for all insight!

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