Lying face downward

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Lying face downward

Post by Paul RT on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:20 pm

I was working from home, developing a spreadsheet forecasting financial surpluses.
I went into my office on the 3rd floor to say that I had done the first draft, but that I had a headache and would Email the results in.
I went out to the lift area and fell over and was lying face down and although i could see I couldn't speak - something like a stroke. Everyone who was going home walked past me to the lift without checking on me. Someone came up and dropped cash on the floor in front of me to see if I was play acting.
Eventually someone covered me up with a blanket and an ambulance man came and looked after me until I recovered.
Although it was awkward I felt OK about the experience and fully recovered.
Paul RT
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