Anyone want to confirm something for me if possible

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Anyone want to confirm something for me if possible

Post by KDRE on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:57 am

I had a dream a few nights ago I shared with a family member and told them, it was just a dream, but they looked at me like yeah right, and say you know you have dreams that come true.

Its actually not a bad one, it was about my current job.

I've been at the current place of employment for over 11 years now. That's probably rare in alot of cases, but im here. Company has been sold, we went through the whole round of layoffs 4 or 5 or 6 times and whatnot, but im still here praise God.

They actually fired 2 of my bosses and the Lord didnt allow it to happen to me (GLORY!). Because the overall company is so huge they have all of these global policies that sometimes makes it hard for us to get our jobs done..lots of red tape

The dream in particular was about the job though. There was a guy who worked for us some years ago, pretty friendly guy , he wasnt an exec or anything, but was head of the construction department back then.

Some kind of way I was in an office and it looked like he was the owner. I saw him standing a ways away from me looking around smiling as if everything looks and is working out great. A few of us who now work here IRL was working for him now.

I never remembered us applying for the jobs, we were just there like just starting in a brand new office, the owner was smiling, there seemed to be no restrictions as far as work is concerned although we hadn't started yet. I also remembered them saying they were doubling my co-workers salary and I remember seeing a number over $63,000 on paper.

As I sat there and looked around, I thought about how long Ive been at my current job, and how it would be such a huge adjustment and going through the whole change process by working somewhere else after all of this time

Looking at the white walls in the office though, I got a very calm and peaceful feeling about the whole thing. I realized this so I did it a couple of more times to be sure it wasnt just some initial honeymoon like feeling, so looking at the white walls again to ponder the uneasiness of making a move like this, the same calm peaceful feeling was in the entire room. Each time I looked around this happened and I felt the same way. It ended there, I never interacted with anyone although some of the other people were, it was almost like I was there observing everything going on.

Does this seem like some kind of future employment thing, or could it be something symbolic in my life spiritually?

Thanks for all thoughts
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