Locked Out?

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Locked Out?

Post by audreyakande on Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:35 am

I was in my store and I went out of the back door to empty the trash (the store does not have back door). After emptying the trash I tried to open the door and it would not open. I went around to the front door and I found myself in another part of the city. I was rushing to get back to my store and it was getting dark outside. I started running and I woke up. I was in a classroom went out for a break and I could not open the revolving door to enter back into the building tried another door. I decided to go to the front of the building and found myself in another part of the city. Running it was getting dark and I woke up. I was in an apartment building trying to get out of the front door I found myself in different apartments apologizing to the owners for being in thier apartments asking if they could show me the way to the front door. I found myself in a womans apartment who looked like a victorian doll she had blonde hair with shirley temple curls pue white in skin color and her cheeks were pink. She was backing me .When I got her attention she turned around but only her head turned around her back was still facing me. I told her nevermind and left her apartment. When I got outside of her apartment I asked myself what was that, I said to myself that was not human it seems as if I saw a Jackal a clown . It felt very errie and I woke up! These three dreams are reoccuring dreams and I have had them for years if anyone could shed some light on these dreams I would really appreciate it.

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