Missile being shot over Africa

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Missile being shot over Africa

Post by Sirianta on Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:40 pm

Last night I had the following dream.

I dreamt that me and my family (hubby and kids) was in a apartment (was our home, but didn't look like it). We were on the top floor. My cellphone were flashing a red light like when I receive a notification or an e-mail on my phone. I took my phone and it was a message of a warning of a missile being shot and it's headed towards somewhere in Africa.

I then went outside on the balcony which was very spacious and I could see a missile in the sky. I saw it move to the left and making a turn and moved to the right in the sky. I now was looking at the missile from high up in the sky kind of downward. I don't know how to explain it, but I was in my physical body observing like from earth and in my spiritual form observing from above in the sky. On earth I was waiting for the impact to hit us and thought "okay now it's time for us to die" but nothing hit us. THen I observed from the sky (spiritual form) a map of Africa and saw the missile impacting kind of somewhere in the middle of Africa. Wish I could know for sure exactly where, but I don't. I told my kids that they are not allowed to go outside on the balcony 'cause I'm scared that there might be more missiles being shot.

The other dreams I've had (American soldier, and Fire from the sky, Fighter helicopters and Deaf lady giving word) all had children in them. Either mine or other children.

This dream and the "Fire from the sky" dream we lived in an apartment on the top floor.

I thought about the symbolism and which stood out for me was (1) the direction the missile was moving in making a turn in the other direction (2) the cell phone (3) balcony.

This is the meaning of these symbols:

LEFT: God's ability demonstrated through man's weakness, spiritual change

RIGHT: The power of God revealed through flesh; (Christ or the Church) accepted

CELL PHONE: Message from God

BALCONY: Spiritual realm, spiritual oversight, spiritual viewpoint, to oversee

I don't usually rely on symbols, but in this dream I really felt led to look at these symbols.

God bless
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