Trading 'The Daughter'

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Trading 'The Daughter'

Post by carasanza on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:53 pm

[[size=9]size=12]I would appreciate any insight into a dream I had a couple nights ago.

The dream was black and white and very much in line with the era of the dream. I was standing on the same street as the Book Depository building on what seemed to be the same day as JFK's assassination. I can see that building and the building in front of it. There are no vehicles at all or any other sign of city life.

A group of soldiers come around the corner. There is a commanding officer in the middle walking with a blonde woman in a coat. I can only see her from behind. The soldiers are scrambling around as if to cover any potential attacks from behind. They are moving up the street to a bridge. I am impressed upon that the blonde woman is called "The Daughter" with very heavy emphasis and that she will be 'traded'.

I move ahead to a view of the bridge. There is another force of soldiers there gathering into attack formation. The group are Asian. Their commanding officer has been notified of the impending arrival of the group with the Daughter. He says to his
soldiers, "Go do the trade. Show peace - they die - you die. It's what we do." He is very casual about the killings that will happen.

I am unfamiliar with much of the street in real life - I was born after the JFK assassination.

I look forward to any responses :)
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