Found one senior ring and a grave yard

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Found one senior ring and a grave yard

Post by ybg54 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:23 pm

okay so i haven't had much luck with anyone helping me figure out why i'm dreaming what i've been dreaming but i hope that some one can help. Last night i had two dreams. The first one i dreamed that that my father and i were in a motel room and he sat down on the edge of one of the beds. As he did so a senior ring fell onto the floor under the bed i picked it up and noticed that it was a gold senior ring with a red stone. It seemed like there should have been more information on the the ring about who ever had lost it. My dad asked to see it and i handed it to him he looked at it then i asked for it back. As he was handing it back to me he asked "what is it worth to you?" I didn't answer but my feeling was that it was worth a lot to me. I just turned it over and over in my hand looking at it.

The second dream was that my dad and i were at a grave yard and i was asking him what he wanted on his grave the two main things i asked about where a pump jack (from the oil field) or a cannon. He chose a cannon. Then i remember going to another part of the grave yard it seemed like it was a catholic part of it. i walked into the gate and it seemed like the place glowed orange and there were mourners walking down into the graves like they were walking to a funeral. I remember on lady walking past me and she was wearing a black dress and veil. I kept watching her. I never saw any kind of casket or funeral going on but they just kept walking farther away until they got to a spot of meeting and then they stood there in a group. I turned to leave and some boys came running by and playing around but they were playing on a fresh grave so i told them they shouldn't be doing that. They moved on out the gate and that was the end of this dream.

Please if you have any ideas i need help here

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