Wanting to go to the mission field.

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Wanting to go to the mission field.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:34 am

I had this dream I am praying to find out the heart of my beloved father.


I was going to this new church and a few of the lady's I met in this church they lived cross the street where I lived or right next door. I wanted to go back to the mission field in areas like the Middle East or Israel. I go to the pastor of the new church and tell the pastor I would like go into the mission field, and then the next thing I know they have this offering and my neighbor friends put money in the offering,. I find I have $550.00 towards my trip. The next thing I know I run into the lady who has a ministry in Russia who I know personally and where I had been in her ministry IRL to teach mission. Her and my other friend who helps in her ministry IRL. They were at this bus stop I was at. I had this black hat on so they did not recognize me and when I saw them I waved at them and my friend Paula who has the ministry comes over and hugs me. The next thing I know at this bus stop was like these waiting beds and so Paula and I are cuddling together talking. Paula asks me how I was doing and I tell her I have had no pain for a week to let her know I am ready to join them again in Russia. Paula does not say anything but I knew she was not interested in me being there with them on the mission field which hurt. The next thing I know I am back in my house and I get invited to a neighbors house for dinner. Then my other neighbor tells me I am eating at her house so I go over and tell both friends sorry I was already invited to someone elses house.

Any insight will be great...
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