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freind picking lots for me Empty freind picking lots for me

Post by danny on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:59 am

i have a friend name sharon. she was one of the people who has lead me to god.
i am 29 yr old doctor trying for higher studies .i want to do surgery related courses and they are extremely difficult to get in. or i have to pay for it which is 250000 dollars so i thought we will pick up another field anaesthesia which is cheaper 50000 dollars. i tries a lot for that seat and every where it was a no.i realised god didnt want it as unusual and strange hurdles kept coming as i was going all long the way.finally i decided will try next year and was heading back and fell as sleep in the bus and i had this dream. i have already been trying for three years in a row now.
the dream goes like this.
i was talking to sharon and asking her tell me what is god telling you about my studies. did i pass or fail.
she too was a bit anxious about that question she picked up two names from the lots and said man you passed your name is not in the failed list.i dont know whos was the second name.
i asked her who are the failed people.
i saw an other guy who was sitting hes already doing his higher studies in anesthesia n he failed.
next part of the dream showed me some latin american president like figure with beer in his hand saying cheers in a party n it was some happy occasion.
i dont know what to interpret in these dreams
please kindly help me.
thank you brothers and sisters and please keep me in your prayers for me

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