mummy birds

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mummy birds

Post by LesWil on Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:15 pm

In my dream. I was in a cave or a hole in the ground. I looked up behind me was the entrance or daylight hole. Hanging like bats (in between me and the exit) were three birds. The birds were large parrots or chicken with beautiful colorful feathers. However they were not beautiful they were dirty and looked dead or like mummies. There was a fourth bird on the ground it looked like it was dead and decaying carcuss (like raodkill). I look away from the birds into the cave (away from the birds and exit) When I looked away the fourth bird that I thought was dead flew into the cave. At this point I realized it was a dream and tried to wake up but could not. I screamed for my husband to wake me up but he could not hear me and I could not wake up. Finally I woke up.

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