Dream Log...... week of 3/5/2011

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Dream Log...... week of 3/5/2011

Post by Perimeter on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:00 am

Week of 3/1-5/2011

Dream #1 – The Streets

I was in the streets of a neighborhood with lots of people around. To the right there was what looked like a plane, a large space of land with many tornados forming in it at once. It was as if the people were moving in one direction and the tornados caused them to move in another…. I remember seeing some people way off to the north of the tornados and wondered if they knew about them….. there were some people gathered together to the east of the tornados just standing and looking at what looked like the formation of another tornado but the closer I got it started to look like fire and not wind…. As I got closer it looked like lava coming out of the ground and I realized it was a volcano, small but surely a volcano… People were standing there looking at it….. It was in the front yard of a house…. I walked past it and I remember the brightness of the red, the heat and the stinging of my skin as I walked up to the house. Now I was inside of the house looking under the kitchen sink and I saw a hole and as I looked closer I realized it was another place that the volcano had broken ground and I woke up. This was a silent dream; no voices.

Dream #2 – The Flood

I walked into the front door of an apartment with people that were familiar to me…. I remember looking around as you would when entering a place for the first time. I passed a hall and continued to walk. As I walked I noticed a whole in the upper part of the wall to my right. This hole was painted bright blue; either the hole itself or the room behind the hole was bright blue. I was still walking and looking and now I was walking in the direction I came from and passed a hall again but this time I looked and saw another blue hole…. I stopped and asked; why are these holes in the wall? Now I was coming in the back door with caution! It looked like there had been a great flood; there was standing water, many people floating around inside the apartment and it was dark. There were men woman and children; it was a lot of death! As we looked we could see that the people were dead….. We walked in and slowly moved and looked around and someone started to move…… I said this one is alive and we moved towards them and all of the people started to sit up….. We just stood there in awe….. I said let’s get them outside so we opened the front door and started walking them out….. As we walked out the door the person/people in the apartment directly across the hall were coming out side as well; I saw a man (not sure if there were others with him) he said y’all made it too and he started shouting and praise God…. We were standing in the area between two open doors… I woke up…… this was a silent dream; no voices…..

Dream #3 – The Tornado

I was walking around a bend. It was elevated and looked like a walkway of the second floor of an apartment building. As I began to walk around the bend someone on a bike rode up to pass me and halted. They stopped the bike with enough force that the front wheel lifted off the ground. They said look there is a tornado and turned and went in the other direction. I turned to go in the same direction but I decided to go to the place I was headed….. The tornado was feet in front of us…. Now I was in what looked like a warehouse or self-storage facility and I was thinking if there was a freezer I would be alright… Now I was looking at two people in what looked like a very big storage room and they were positioning themselves at the very far wall in the rear of the room… It looked like they were bracing for the storm! I noticed that they left the door open and I thought they should close it. The door was on the opposite wall than them. Now I was one of the two people and we were walking towards the door; very cautiously!!! As we got closer we could hear that something was going on but not so much that we had fear…. As we got closer to the open door we heard cracks and squeaks and looked up and could see that the roof was being pulled on….. Light shined through and I remember thinking what if the roof is pulled off…… We were cautious but not afraid…. As we walked through the door there was no real evidence of a tornado only a few pieces of paper blowing across the floor. There were two ways to go to the right or to the left….. I looked to the left and saw a wind that was so heavy it looked white it was so mighty I could see what looked like waves in it as I looked I saw a train….. It was so powerful that I stepped back into the room…… Now I’m in the tornado holding onto something, not afraid just holding; I know I’m in the tornado but not sure what I was holding on to…. I could see the wind, I could see the sun light and clam just outside the wind; I could feel the force of the wind. What I was holding on to started to turn and I saw that I was in the train….. I saw that it was a whole train still connected and engine running. I remember thinking WOW….. I remember thinking this train is gonna be thrown from this tornado!!! Then the train was released from the tornado and flying through the air……There was a distinct difference in atmosphere; something like being in the darkest of stormy days and in an instant the sunniest of sunny days. I could feel the light from the sun; feel the force of the wind and the force of the train falling. I remember feeling ready for the impact, thinking this is happening and I’m prepared… I could see the train getting closer and closer to the ground so I closed my eyes and relaxed into it…… The train hit the ground…. I slowly opened my eyes and just lay there…. I was in someone’s front yard. People walked out and they were amazed, they asked how I got there…. I did not say anything; I tried to move… as I moved I realized I was in this thing…… The best way I can explain it is that it looked like the frame of a motorcycle….. I said “how did I get in here” and this voice said I put you in here; I turned and looked and there was a man in there with me. We laid feet to feet; his head at one end and mine at the other, He simply smiled at me and I woke up.

Dream #4 – The Vile

In the sanctuary of my church finishing something and I saw someone that I had told I would explain something to later (In reality I told this person I would talk to them later). I walked away to catch up to them and was now in hallway looking for them and walking to the right of the sanctuary I had exited. Now I was going to the rest room not sure if the person had gone in but I was going and I went into the stall. As I got ready to us the restroom I looked down and saw that the floor of the stall was covered with waste so much so that it was just about up and over my shoes. It was the vilest place I have ever seen. I still needed to use the restroom so I remember getting on my tip toes and trying not to touch anything. As I attempted to go it was as if I had to concentrate on the bowl, I concentrated and try as I may have; it just did not work!!!! It is hard to put into words what happened…… I could see the stream of urine in a straight line go underneath the left side of where I was and land directly on the feet of the person in the stall next to me. The person did not say a word did not jump or anything; they just got up flushed and walked out. Before I knew it people were coming into my stall and they seemed to be very agitated….. I was not fully covered and they just pulled the door open… For a moment I stood there and then I realized I needed to close the door and get myself together… I snatched the door back, closed it and I woke up…….. This was a silent dream; there were no voices.

Dream #5 – The Collage

This is all I remember…. My vision was like broken glass or a collage!!! The dream had become one picture and all I remember are the pieces joining together……. This is what I saw; the dream spread out in what looked like pictures and then the pictures came together as one picture…… I woke up! This was a silent dream… no voices.

Dream #6 – The News

A few days of rest and 3/8/2011 yesterday I woke with an extreme voice saying, “pay attention to what’s happening in the new”!
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Re: Dream Log...... week of 3/5/2011

Post by Delightful soul on Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:47 pm

Could you possibley post each dream individually?

This might help with reading...

Regards ds
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