repost: Free pizza / @ apt. anyone????

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repost: Free pizza / @ apt. anyone????

Post by christi85 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:14 pm

I posted a dream I had about a map of GA where I live in the dream symbols section recently. On one of the maps, a red line highlighted the way to where my fiance lives, where I used to live. Since then I have had a few dreams about being back at my apartment.

Here is one,
In the first part of the dream I am at a pizza parlor. It has an upstairs. I am seated upstairs with two twin boys they look about 4yrs old. We ordered the pizza awhile ago and it didn't come. Eventually I asked or someone mentioned, that the delay was because the boys mom had stopped the pizza from coming.

In the second part of the dream. I am watching someone drive a ford explorer. I get the feeling this person represents me. She parks in the parking lot of an apartment complex. It then switches to being in the apartment. It's now me. I was at the apartment alone. It didn't look exactly like my apt in RL but it looked similar. The layout was reversed. A pizza delivery man went to the neighbors house to deliver some pizza but I got the feeling they weren't there. In my dream the neighbors were not "good people" like maybe gang members or into drugs. The pizza man then came to our door and knocked. I did not want to answer. I didn't feel like talking to anyone. So he knocked, not knowing if I was there or not as I watched him through the peep hole. He said he was going to leave the pizza there on my doorstep because the neighbors didn't want to pay for it and he didn't want it to go to waste. I watched as he walked away and drove off. I then opened the door to get the pizza. When I opened the door, a dog ran out (it was my dog that I had growing up that passed away a long time ago... btw my fiance got a dog in r/l since I last saw him) I went and caught the dog and brought it back inside. When I got back inside my fiance is there. We were in the kitchen and the cabinets were different (the cabinet in our apt in r/l suck -lol-) I mentioned how nice they looked, that they were actually real wood now with nice engravings! I opened the fridge looking for some soda to go with the pizza and there was a bunch of beer/wine in the fridge. :-( but I didn't want to approach the topic right then because I had just got back and didn't want to press the issue right then. I then mentioned how nice the place looked and he said something about having hired a maid and some quip. I knew not to talk about it, but in my head I was thinking, uhm yeah, we don't need a maid, we just need to learn how to clean up after ourselves -lol-. We were then on the couch discussing how the apartment would do for now as we talked about our plans to have a family, how the studio could be our babies room until we move into our house. -end

Today I had a dream where he and I were in a house, it was our house. There was a closet with two matching Christmas plaid baby clothes one for a boy and for a girl. I was holding them up saying how cute they were.

I have a bunch of dreams that I would kind of like to go over with someone. To get some clarity on... looking at this dream I think the Christmas plaid might tie into a dream I had back in December where my fiance and I were sitting on a pew in a chapel. His mom was on a pew in front of us. there were poinsettias. I had on a wedding dress and he had on a tux. I was kissing his forehead and had a letter in my hand about promises for a new beginning, almost like it was He and I's vows. I looked like I was a couple months pregnant. I was going to mention something about "we would have been married by now, before I was showing, if it weren't for your mom" but thought better of it.

-fyi, I love his mom and I really want/need her in our life. I've been praying for her and my parents have too. However, she has some very serious mental issues to where she interferes in the lives others in order to manipulate and control them creating havoc, strife and division. I was so busy believing the best in her for years that I was too stupid to see just how bad it was until it was too late and by that time she was completely out of control. I don't really understand it. It's very illogical. I don't want to go into detail but the Lord has told me in no uncertain terms that he and I will have to set some definite boundaries in regards to her until she is willing to get help for her problem. sigh
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