Attending a printing Conference

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Attending a printing Conference

Post by Paul RT on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:07 pm

I was setting up a new office, and organising the printer network etc on the 5th floor of a tall building.
I discovered that on a floor higher up in the building that there was a conference on the future of the printing network for that organisation. Although I hadn't received an invitation I went up and attended this conference anyway.
I went around collecting handouts and stationery items such as rulers and placed them in a folder.
As I went to exit the floor there were two security guards speaking to people who were leaving. They asked me what I was doing there and I explained that I had come from the 5th floor, and that although I didn't have an invitation that I was there on my own initiative.
I was anxious about being questioned, but the guards accepted my explanation.
Paul RT
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