Graduation Week

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Graduation Week

Post by lola21st on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:40 pm

I only remember bits of this dream but the setting was my college in Philadelphia and we (I don't know who "we" really is but there were several of us) were graduating. While I didn't see this go on in the dream, I knew that the last several days were the week leading up to graduation day so there were lots of activities for the grads and their families/friends. I was in my apartment cooking for family and friends and remember going downstairs to the basement. The basement was well lit (fluorescent light, not natural light because there were no windows) and I could tell it had been renovated and turned into a library. There were students seated around tables at computer terminals. There was a problem because these students were studying for a test but there were a few students who kept disrupting the group because they wouldn't be quiet and kept goofing around. I remember reprimanding one of them and as I looked at his pc terminal, I noticed that he was at this dream site and was reading a post from a new member. I recognized the name as someone that I work with IRL and suddenly felt very uncomfortable because she would now have access to personal things that I've posted here that I wouldn't want shared with people that I work with.

I next remember being upstairs and there being a knock at the door and the person was an official from the school who told me that since I'm graduating, I was going to need to leave the apartment because it would be needed for a new student. I don't recall my reaction to that news, I just remember telling people in the bedroom (I don't know who they were but knew that they were familiar people who were there for the graduation) and people started coming out but -GROSS ALERT - one woman who had been on my bed had a sudden bout of diarrhea and went in her pants duh . As she was getting up, I noticed that she'd stained the bed in two places.

The next thing I recall is that another woman and I were leaving the apartment to go somewhere. We boarded a subway train and I got concerned because although we were on the right side of the platform, it seemed that the train was going in the wrong direction. We were trying to figure out how this could've happened. We hadn't actually reached a station stop which would have confirmed whether or not we were really going in the wrong direction, but we could tell from other location markers. End of dream.


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