Dream of Pregnancy with no birth manifestd

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Dream of Pregnancy with no birth manifestd

Post by MJsWife on Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:03 am

Please Help!!!

I am new to the site. I am a dreamer and most often than not, I almost always receive intepretation/manifestation of my dreams through the person of the Holy Spirit. However, I now believe that I must have been shifted to another level in my dreams as now I am clueless to what they mean and they are now so vastly different than the dreams that I normally encounter.

Anywho, over the past week, I have had literally numerous dreams, all have had a common theme of me in some capacity of ministry. But the most recent was a bit off kiltered from the previous.

The dream went as follows: I dreamed that I was pregnant with child. In the dream, I went into labor and was taken to the hospital for delivery of the baby. However, it was the strangest thing because when I arrived at the hospital, I could not get the doctor or nurses to assist me in the delivery, I remember feeling the labor pangs right before my water broke and there was a gush of water. I also remember thinking in my mind that the "water breaking" experience was a mis-carry and actually remember being overwhelmed by a fear that I had indeed mis-carried. I then desperately begin to seek medical attention from the hospital staff, but still to no avail. Finally, I got someone to help me turn over to look underneathe me to see if there were any sign of a miscarry, however, this is when it was determined that it was just that my water had broken and the baby was coming. Well, I never delivered the baby. The other thing that stuck out was that to look at my physical body, I had no sign of being pregnant. I actually said to someone, I am about to deliver but I dont even look pregnant at all. But I noticed when I made mention that I did not look pregnant, I noticed that my belly begin to rise just a little. Just about to the size of what an average 3-5 month pregnant woman would look like.

Can someone please help me with a possible interpretaion of this one.

Thank You scratching chin

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