Airplanes, 1 Crashed, Helping Crash Victims, 1 In Particular

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Airplanes, 1 Crashed, Helping Crash Victims, 1 In Particular

Post by Milk2Meat on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:45 am

My wife and I were near the Atlanta airport. It was as if we were going by it and as we were I was looking at the airplanes take off and land. I noted at one point how four planes were taking off in unison. It fascinated me how all four would take off at one time. I replayed in my mind one plane taking off and I noted how it went almost vertical then leveled out to a normal ascent as it took off. After saying this the next plane begin to take off and it crashed. I canít remember if this was the one that took off vertical or not. No one else saw it but I and they all continued on like nothing was happening. I stood and looked for a second after it crashed. Then I noticed folks running toward it to see if they could help and then I realized that I needed to help also so I ran down to help.

As I got there I saw people lying on the ground others groaning and others that I figured were dead. I walked around for a few seconds wondering was there anyone else alive I could help because they all looked pretty much dead. So I said to myself these folks can be saved they just look dead. So I began to go to a person and I would put my hand on them and I would pray for them and I would ask that Jesus would give them life. Each time I said Jesus they would groan or move acknowledging they were alive (at least thatís how I took it in the dream). There were two folks in particular that others had left for dead that I had prayed for that eventually got up. One female in particular I passed myself because I thought she was dead I prayed for last. Her nose was torn off of her face. I prayed for her saying in the name of Jesus live, and she got up. She got up and instantly there was a news conference regarding the crash for the survivors to give their testimonies and they wanted to hear from everyone. Well as we stood there everyone was waiting for her to walk up and stand with the rest she gave me this big hug of appreciation and she just would not let go. I noticed when she hugged me that her nose was restored. I thought it was kind of her give me a hug and I just started walking with her to the place where all the crash victims were to talk to the media. So they started and as they were talking I was trying to get her to turn loose I finally got a hold of her and in a gently way pried her off of me but she ended up being upside down and folks started chuckling and her pants which were some sort of tight fitting leggings maybe like horse riding pants came off. She had on underpants though. She was wearing a lime green outfit and she was a younger person maybe in her early 20s. I thought only I noticed this but she was bleeding from her menstrual cycle and I quickly got her clothes untangled and helped her put them back on.

She went on to talk and I rushed out of the area where they were and went to my wife and she commented to me about what she saw. We were sitting in an area away from all the activity but could still see what was going on. When I got to her I sat down next to her and she commented to me about the situation with the young lady being on her period. The dream ended there.
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