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Post by kislj on Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:52 pm

Please any interps?

Saw a woman with a baby she was going to feed it what looked like a gingerbread man but made of potato and fried. I remember feeling sorry for the baby and thinking that is unhealthy food for the baby her baby looked unkempt and had an eye infection. I saw another young mother with a baby whom she was holding baby looked healthy and well dressed whilst holding the baby mother was focussing on something else ie trying to do two things at once

I had so much hair I was struggling to collect all of it and put it in a bun it was getting so frustrating. As I knew I needed to do it quickly. I went to catch a bus which IRL was the bus I use to take to go home after highschool. I realised it was going the wrong way and didnít catch it.
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