Stuck in The Car Wash

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Stuck in The Car Wash Empty Stuck in The Car Wash

Post by v3ryan on Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:11 pm

I had a series of dreams, this is one of them:

My dad was driving our van (My whole family was there) through a car wash. It wasn't like a drive in and park until your done kind of wash, it was a wash where you basically was driving through a series of machines slowly in a conveyor belt kind of fashion. Anyways, so the first one was this big brush thing which came down in front of the van and scared me a bit because I thought we were going to hit it. The second bit was water, and then the third bit was those high powered air fan things which are normally used in automatic car washes to dry your vehicle. Except that when we entered that area, for whatever reason i saw a series of sirens or loudspeakers to the right, not knowing what they were for I was worried that they'd scare me if they went off too loud, so I covered my ears, but then my dad had an issue where we were stuck in the carwash. It was like he couldn't aim his van to the garage door so he kept drifting to the right-front wall, not aligned with the door at all. He eventually gave up and we all left the van. Outside there were firefighters, they looked at us crazy that we couldn't leave the carwash, so one firefighter hopped in the van, and drove it out through the door perfectly first time. They laughed at us, and my Dad felt embarrassed.

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