Reoccurring theme about my ex:NEED HELP!

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Reoccurring theme about my ex:NEED HELP!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:24 am

Hello everybody, I had this dream a week ago & its tied in with two other dreams i had the same night. I was in Long beach, CA talking to my ex boyfriend. We were outside of a yellow, & black house that he lived in. The inside had alot of furniture, it was cramped, & cluttered. It made me nervous. I was pregnant & in Labor. He seemed like he had alot on his mind..he did'nt tell me directly what was going on but i could hear his thoughts it was a mix of where he was in his life & being married....his wife came home along with his mother, & his sister...He told her who i was & she shook my hand...they all went in the house & they were talking they seemed upset...i looked at him & he looked mad so i decided to leave...when i was walking towards the street i was in the middle of a contraction I looked back at him & i said, "you're not happy in your marrige are u?" He stopped in the door way, looked at me over his shoulder & told me that he was'nt happy. I shook my head & left the house I wake up.....

Note: I posted a different dream Called, "Broke into my ex's apartment:PLEASE HELP!!!" I believe these two dreams are linked in some way...I just dont know what they have to do with me because i feel that their situation has nothing to do with me therefore, I am not concerned. until now. If there is anyone who can help me gain some understanding about these two dreams that would be greatly appreciated God Bless you all!!! flower
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