Fire from the sky and fighter helicopters - disturbing dream

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Fire from the sky and fighter helicopters - disturbing dream

Post by Sirianta on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:20 pm

This dream was so disturbing that I had to get up at 2:30 and write it down.

We (don't know who was with me) were outside in our beautiful little garden but it was very high up in the sky and we could look over a city. Then we saw fire coming from out of the sky hitting this city. Shooting fire, like an arrow out of a bow.

We ran inside our house, but the house didn't look like my house and it was an apartment, but again very high up in the sky and it was old, dirty and full of dust with almost no furniture inside. I looked out the window and saw helicopters flying and shooting people and buildings, destroying everything. I got the idea that these people flying the helicopters was from the government or something and enjoy shooting their own people. Me and the children were hiding under the windows for cover. Then they started shooting at our building and I held up an see through plastic thing in front of me so that the bullets won't get to me. I wasn't hurt.

I looked out a window and looked down to this city. I saw a building (maybe a business centre or apartment building) being shot to the ground and dust everywhere around it as it hit the ground. The fear inside me was huge. I looked out another window and saw another helicopter with a man inside who had on sunglasses. He sat with his arms crossed over his chest and looked very impressed with himself. He didn't steer the helicopter it flew by itself. Luckily he didn't see me.

Then me and the kids were outside in the city. This city looked destroyed and dirty and full of dust. We were still hiding and there was still flying around looking to destroy. I got the idea that there was great poverty, people struggling a lot. I saw a girl dressed in black exchange something through a fence with a man, maybe for food. Me and the kids were still hiding so that we don't get shot. I can not explain to you how scared I was. The children didn't seem bothered by all of this. I called them to come and lay by me on the ground behind some cement thing for protection and they just had all the time in the world.

We were in our house again, this time it was on the ground and looking different again, in better shape than the first (apartment). I tried to keep my children from talking, scared that the enemy might here us. Then we saw a purple demon coming towards our house. I got the idea someone send him to us. I ran to lock the two doors of the house and put the keys on the microwave. My husband said that soon these demons will try to get in from underneath the ground.

This dream really disturbed me, it felt like an end time dream, but why would me and my family be part of it and not just witness all this? I am really puzzled about all of this. I can not describe to you the fear in the dream especially for those helicopters.

IRL I woke up and wrote the dream on paper and went to sleep again. Then I had this vision while sleeping: My little boy (5 years old) stood there in complete darkness and a voice asked "should we hide?" and another voice said "no says the prophet" My son was the prophet. What does all of this mean????

I'm also going to pray about this dream, if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.

Love in Christ
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