Envelop with numbers

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Envelop with numbers

Post by ekaris on Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:15 am

I truly bless God for this forum as i have been reading through and it has opened my eyes to many things God has always spoken to me in Dreams.
I have had more than two dreams that had numbers and i have tried to intrepret them but dint get anything.
The first was i saw someone hand me an envelop (brown in colour) and on top was written 132M. I dint see the person who gave it to me but i felt like it contained a very important thing for me.
The other was just the same when i was handed in an envelop (cant remember seeing any colour) and on ot was written 126.
These two dreams were very short but all I know is that they have come at a time when am praying for financial miracles.
The last was quite recent and i was sitted with collegues and there seemed to be a discussion and i was not actively involved in the discussion. Then after a while one of my collegues passed a bundle of papers or a folder and announced that she and her husband had given me one million dollar contract. then i woke up.
I only feel like these three are related but i dont know how to pray about them or what they mean . Kindly if God helps you to understand i would greatly appreciate.
God bless

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