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church dream

Post by blessess on Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:06 am

the dream went like this...I was at church and I was sitting next to dana and this lady. she introduce me to this lady that she was talking to. She was someone in the spiritual realm that was needed in my life, like an activation or some form of training. ..interesting enough it was someone that I met I long time ago from another church and her name started with a f like finona or figuroa something like that. So when I connected with her she told me she had another ministry to do with makeup and that is how I remembered her, because I had asked her to teach me makeup when we first met . So when I went to her place she had a really nice set up and she was training more people but I cannot remember if the training was the makeup or something else or both. what I remembered about her was when I briefly met her in the past she was not a nice lady. she must of been transformed because she was not the same in the spiritual realm. Oh another thing we were in a new church not where we are at now and the church was really really really big. I want to say that before I met with this lady outside of the church I was in my pastor' office. he was in there with a guy...someone tall and he had a dark complexionan we were briefly in his office and we did not talk we were just in there and then we parted and then I met with the lady. also his office or that area of the church was EXTREMELY BIG. please share with the Lord tells you.
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