a dream about a boy and a heart

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a dream about a boy and a heart

Post by itiya86 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:14 am

i had this dream about a year ago....so i'm not quite sure i remember it correctly. there's not a lot of content in it but i recognize the intense emotion when i dreamed about it...

i dreamed that i was in an arab country. it's like a flash....or something...it's like i was taken to that place. i'm not sure where it is but it's a place where there're lots of desert. there, i heard some chanting--i think it's some kind of a prayer (the kind that several men would speak all at once) and that somehow gave me a chill. i didn't understand what the chanting meant but it was scary. in a sense i was very afraid. then i saw a boy (i think he's arabian, not sure though, but his clothing is like the those that i saw arab people where on TV). The boy then handed me a heart--i mean an actual heart and it's as though that the heart was still fresh but i'm not sure if it's beating or not, but there was blood. Then i woke up and feel absolutely terrified. i wasn't making this up but dogs actually howled the moment i woke up.

i've always wanted to know if there's a meaning in it at all...so i think i give it a try.
i know the story doesn't make any sense at all, but still i want to know...

thank you so much if u get a chance to interpret this...thank you God bless

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