we are ministry and this is my wifes dream please explain it

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we are ministry and this is my wifes dream please explain it

Post by rhoekstra on Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:37 pm

It seemed to be summer, and we were out in a field. Ari and Jarod were playing on a gravity box and was inside of it. Julianna and Jubilee and Lance were working around it, and Randy and I were there working as well. Ari got out of the gravity box and then grain (wheat) was put in. Then I saw oats go in, then corn on cobs go in. Each time a grain came in, it came in from a grain elevator hooked up to the combine, then the gravity box would be taken to a barn and emptied in the normal way.

Soon, the fields were done, the seed grain and feeding grain having been stored, it was time to begin mending harnesses and gather in the autumn vegetable from the garden. I saw it being done. I saw summer vehicles and equipment be put carefully into storage.

Suddenly, winter came out of nowhere. We seemed to have to move into a big building that housed about 4 or 5 other families in different divisions. We seemed to feel we had lost everything.

I looked outside thru a door that I opened, like a gymnasium door, and wind even swept from behind me! As if it were blowing from inside the house as well as outside. I closed the door and interacted with the kids and Randy for awhile. Suddenly, I heard a nuzzling sound at the door so I went thru the hall, up and down a few steps, past a family’s space to the door again. I looked and there was the gold and white Shetland pony we had played with and who had helped us in gathering the harvest, except he’d had much of the white scraped off of him in the great wind, and I could see more goldenness now under where the whiteness had been scratched off. The gold was like true gold or gold paint. He startled at the noise of me opening the door and cringed away. After I comforted him and loved on him, he very gratefully came in. I offered good warm food and drink and a place to lay down. There was also a cat or small pet with him at the door, I couldn’t tell cuz it seemed to change color from Teddy’s goldenness to MoMo’s dark stripes. I asked Julianna to take care of these who had just come in. I could not tend to them further myself because as I was looking out the door, I saw items that had been carefully stored being blown away out of the storage buildings. I saw flotation seats for the boat blow by, I saw ropes blow by, I even saw the boat with the pontoon boat that had been stored inside of it being blown out of storage (that seemed very strange to see a pontoon boat stored inside of a bigger boat).

Wind blew thru the house again. I wrapped a white scarf around my neck and put a coat, hat, and gloves on. I noticed I was in a harbor and there was snow everywhere. It was deep snow and I was thankful for my boots. I walked around the harbor boardwalk hoping to grab things that were ours that had been blown away. Some people seemed to be helping me, while there were also others around who were getting their own things.

The wind suddenly stopped, and I noticed the boat came back with the pontoon on it. The harbor was to my left as I walked around it. Just past the boating office, I saw our purple rope! A woman who was with me exclaimed and said, “Carol! Here is your rope from Tabernacle of David! This is what you were born for! Pull it, pull it down!” Others came around and began to cheer, “Pull - it! Pull – it! Pull – it – down!”

I picked up the rope, and I saw that it was ours. It was like a braided rope and it looked handmade. The one standing next to me said, “These are the prayers of your and Randy’s and others who have prayed for the pulling down of the strongholds in your region, and for open heavens to be granted over your city. This rope is for you now to pull.”

I looked and saw that some of the long rope was lying there in the snow that covered the harbor boardwalk. I picked it up in my gloved hands, yet then it seemed as though I could feel the rope in my bare hands. It seemed that there was red on the corded rope even though it was purple.

As I held it in my hands, I looked and saw that the rope extended way up into the sky!! The wind had blown some of the rope up into the cloud-covered sky and it had been frozen into the clouds!! It went directly above the harbor, and the harbor was frozen solid.

I heard again, “It is time for you to pull down the strongholds and release the open heavens.”

So I pulled on the rope. It was not going to give easily. I pulled more, then more and more. Just as it seemed to be giving way, someone walked across the small harbor from right to left over the frozen snow and under the clouds where the rope was stuck up into! I yelled to them to move quickly and get out of there because I could not guarantee their safety. I felt that when the rope pulled the clouds down, then they would come crashing down into the frozen harbor and break open the ice and there would be open water. The person did quickly run across.

Suddenly, a van that looked like the red van I once had, went out onto the lake from my left side. I yelled at them to get off the lake, and they backed up onto the shore again. I was astounded that no one was paying attention to what was about to happen! “Can no one see what is going on and what is about to happen?!” I asked the angel next to me. “No, they cannot see. Those that are living in the world can see more than those who think they see. You cannot stop pulling to be distracted by them or you will miss it yourself.”

I kept pulling. As I pulled, prayers were coming out of my mouth and my heart. I heard others around me, that by now I had realized were mostly angels mixed in among humans.

Suddenly, the clouds broke apart and came crashing into the sea! The ice broke apart and water came up and splashed on and around my boots. The waves that were caused did not make me slip, although there were many humans who had not been paying attention and did not stand well and strong or steady when the wave hit from the splash, and they fell down.

Many saints began to worship. I began to sing and dance! I danced out onto the water, and the ice began to melt all away. I began to teach many people the further out on the water I went, and soon more ice went away and more clouds went away. Soon, though, there began to be trouble on land in little groups complaining and saying that I should not be out on the water, that people are not able to do such things and what kind of tricks am I pulling to deceive people into believing what I was teaching about. I was teaching from scrolls that were coming down out of the opening in the heavens above me. Angels were still near me. I had a new angel for this whole vision that I have not seen before. It was female and she had curly dark hair.

Up inside the clouds, I saw thrones. I saw a throne that Randy would go and sit in, then come back down to earth. I had one too, and it complimented Randy’s, as if they were made for the same room but both had been made specifically for our own individual calling and built especially for each of us.

Dark clouds rolled in from the horizon on the land, and we would go up into the heavenlies more often to have the strength to work on earth. Many people would come out into the sea in the middle of the harbor with us, and we would teach them things about God, then they would go up into the heavenlies as well. There were some people who would come out to the harbor onto the water, but they would go back to the land. I could not tell if they were missionaries or spies or those who just loved the world more than seeking God.

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Re: we are ministry and this is my wifes dream please explain it

Post by ditte3 on Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:41 pm

Very interesting dream.
I'm praying about it.
God bless you.

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