Pastor and the Robe

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Pastor and the Robe

Post by vince me on Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:05 pm

This dream first came in 2003, but has been brought back to my rememberance strongly this week! (9-8-03)

I was invited to the church of a pastor friend, an older brother (I did not recognize him). Another pastor was there with his church folks at a joint service. The older pastor began to speak to the people as if he was going to leave the church. He held his head down much as he struggled for words to say and I just thought he looked really discouraged. His message was talking much about the past he had apparently had with the church. During the message he said something like "God is the authority and I answer to Him, so I cannot be hired or fired. And I choose Vince (me) to take my place." Somewhere in the middle of it a child showed up, maybe a baby about a year old.

When he finished speaking he went and sat down, on a pew in the middle and to the side of the church. The other pastor was speaking to him and I stood off to the side listening. While the two pastors sat and talked together they laughed about the one year old baby the older pastor had. He beamed proudly. Then someone started to sing and the worship leader went up front and began to lead everyone in worship.

I was standing now near the front of the sanctuary as they sang, by a door that was there. The other pastor came up to me holding a box. He himself held a robe. He said the older pastor was having some medical procedure tomorrow and that he didn't know if he would make it. He handed me the box and when I opened it it had a beautiful white robe in it with a wide red stripe down the middle from front to back. He said "put it on!" He turned his back towards the door and put his on and then walked out the door. I remember thinking that he sounded a bit irritated. I don't know if it was me or the situation with the other pastor. I then started putting on my robe. It did not seem that anyone was looking at me as they all worshipped. When I got it on I woke up. I do remember thinking when I was putting the robe on that I wish Rose my wife was there to see this as I had no idea this is why I was at this place. The other pastorís robe was just like mine.

vince me

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