Mike Bickle and Ryan

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Mike Bickle and Ryan

Post by vince me on Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:02 pm


I was at a large church meeting somewhere and Mike Bickle was speaking. I was with Ryan and another guy whom I cannot remember. After the service we got in the car, but I really wanted to see or talk to Mike. We got out of the car and I stood in the road waiting for Mike to come by. He came by with some other people, but he stopped and they kept on walking. He stood right in front of me and looked me in the eyes for a minute and then reached out and hugged me. It seemed he held me for some time. He again looked me in the eyes and said “This is a two ticket show.” I am not sure exactly how he said what he said next, but it was something like this. “You failed the first show, but there is one more ticket.” When he said I failed the first ticket, he went into great detail as to what I had done wrong and I remember being surprised at his detailed account. He said more, but I don’t remember it.

I then asked him about Larry Wynn and he smiled and said that Larry had spoken at his (Mike’s) church, but that he had not spoken at Larry’s church yet. Then Mike left. Ryan and the other guy were standing by the car when this was going on. When I walked back to the car, there was a chair sitting outside the car on my side (driver’s) that was apparently in the front seat with Ryan and me on the way here. The other guy sat in the back. I tried to put the seat back in the car, but I could not figure out how it could fit in the front seat and wondered how we ever got it there in the first place. I woke up while we were trying to get the chair into the front seat.

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