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I had this dream last night, I was flying and I was flying through this land that was grass, a beautiful moon, though it was day time, the moon was out; a wide paddock and so many trees. There was one tree, a huge old oak tree with no leaves and just dead branches and the middle of the tree was cut right down the middle so there was a stump that acted as a platform; and on the platform there were insects/creatures that guarded it. And I would fly around this paddock where there’s a road that winds around it, kind of like a road in the mountain that winds down and around. Cars were driving past and watching me flying through the paddock and I was trying to get away from these creatures that were looking like love birds but turned into vicious creatures when they got closer, some even seemed to look like ghosts. The higher in the sky I flew the more reptiles/creatures there got on the floor below. There were so many snakes that would jump up and try and bite me while I was mid air(very high in the sky) and I managed to dodge a lot but then one black snake bit my finger and just stayed on, I tried to shake it/pull it off me and it just stuck there for a good couple of minutes and then I managed to pull it off me. I was on a train and I had my dog and we got off the train, I nearly missed my stop cause the dog was still on the train and I couldn’t get back on the train cause the train step off was way too far from the platform than all of the others; so someone opened up the train door for my dog to jump off and we started walking down the train station. When we got close to the end of the platform we ran into these 3 Lebanese/portarecan guys, they were pretty buff and quiet good looking. They started following me and I was telling my dog to run and then they started to run faster after me. They wanted to bash me but I started bashing them and would not let them lay a finger on my dog. After this I went back to my old home in Grasstree and let the dog run around there, this is where I ended up flying in the paddock thing over all of these creatures. I got into the house and Malakai(my brother) was in there and we both started flying, we were flying away from these creatures and animals that were trying to attack us and we finally got away from them all. We were inside and he had a white rock in a case that had the letter M written in a dark red/maroon paint. He said to me, ‘the letter may be M but it stands only for Malakai’ and gave it to me. I left him and went back outside where the paddock was now an ocean filled with an Octopus and sharks. The waves were humungous and I was just swimming/flying above it until I ran into a huge vessel/ship thing. I got aboard and ran into my cousin who started talking to me, I told her to follow me and we flew off to the backyard which was now a backyard and I was saying to her ‘do you remember this, I’m so glad I’m not stuck with this anymore, look at all the filth, let’s go back inside’ we went back inside through the front door and it was a different home. We walked through this home, it was my mum’s, an aunty and a few people were here. We went to one of the rooms and there was Maddy Bell and my friend or a different girl on both of the beds in the room. Maddy Bell asked if it would be better to put the beds together so they’re closer and I said to her ‘only if you feel that the person you’re lying next to won’t feel uncomfortable or uneasy’ and I said ‘I think you should just leave it there because that’s where it’s been placed firstly’ and she said back ‘yeah that’s true, good point.’ Then after this discussion my friend and I went to a different house (I think it was actually a backpackers) with a boy that I knew and a couple of others, we end up going to their friends’ house that didn’t know us. But when we knocked on the door, before they answered, I walked to the end of the corridor and around the corner was my old neighbour and he was telling me to “ssssh” while he was looking on his phone or something. We walked into the house me and 3 other boys and my friend and straight away my friend went to the back room and I sat on the couch in between these 2 guys. One of them ends up being my boyfriend and the guy that lives there feels a little more comfortable that I’m his girlfriend and not some random person. I was holding his hand and his legs were intertwined with mine and he had his other arm around me, there was not one part of him not touching me, it was nothing inappropriate; I felt so in love with him and so safe and secure with him. We were in love and he loved me so much, I felt comfortable around him and safe, I could tell that I was attracted to him and thought pretty highly of him; though I didn’t get to see his face. He was well built, tanned, taller than me and worked out. I fell asleep on his shoulder and my friend came out and sat next to me, we all just fell asleep on this couch. [b]

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