basket on the sea

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basket on the sea

Post by unfailing_love on Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:53 am

i was on holiday with a few people and there was a sort of "ride". it was a basket held by ropes that would pull you up. i got into the basket and when i was at the top i was suddenly in water. it was like i was floating in the water by sitting in the basket. as i looked to my left and right there was beautiful scenery, all city lights and pinkish purple sky. i called on the two guys below to look at what i was seeing and suddenly we knew something bad was coming down and i was so scared i screamed to wake up.
i know it dsnt make a lot of sense but i can't really explain the scenario. also the two guys in my dream are the brother and the guy I'm currently interested in if that helps.

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