White Siberian Tiger

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White Siberian Tiger

Post by Katrina1 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:36 am

I just woke up from an interesting dream, and am looking for some insight on what it could mean....

I went to my brothers room and found one beige and white kitten and one white cub with striking stripes luminously glowing with blue eyes. The cub and kitten were playing together, and I just wanted to pet the cub. When I opened the cage to play with the gorgeous tiger, it came and lunged at me, wrapping its limbs around my leg giving me a scratch while at it. I had to put the slightly aggressive tiger back in the cage. Wasn't quite sure if it was frightened, all I know is that it wouldn't let go.

I found the kitten wandering in the living room and told it to go back into the cage. Surprisingly, it did as I asked and I closed the cage once more.

Cub and kittens harmoniously playing - cute.

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