PLEASE HELP Dreams - 1 teenage boy, 1 hospital, 1 check

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PLEASE HELP Dreams - 1 teenage boy, 1 hospital, 1 check

Post by IMHis1993 on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:07 am

Blessings all. If you wouldn't mind, can you take a look at these and give me any Holy Spirit insight you may get. I know I am new to this group and everyone seems more apt to interpret for people that have been around longer but I have a legitimate need. Thank you so much.

Dream 1:

I am in a bedroom (that is not in my house) with three beds I am laying in one of the beds with a 16 year old boy and his younger sister and younger brother are in the other two beds. He tells me that he has liked me since I arrived and in the dream I remember that up until that point we had always been ugly and sarcastic to each other. He goes to kiss me and I tell him that my breath is bad because I just finished a three day fast (I actually had this dream during the fast) but he kissed me anyway. Then he proceeded to perform oral s*x on me. All the while I was afraid that the younger brother and sister were going to wake up. I told him how he could do it better and he was offended and stopped. The brother and sister woke up and left the room. I then explained to him that I was 44 and he was 16 and that I had more experience. He accepted my advice and asked if he could try again and he did.

Dream 2:
I am in a hospital and a man I know, Chris, is the hospital administrator. I have been tested and shown that I have some type of flu. I want Chris to be in a romantic relationship with me but he denies me several times. Then, an asian woman is in his office, which is all windows and he is talking to her. I can tell he is dismissing her (not sure if a relationship or not) but as soon as he does this and comes out of the office he tells me he is ready to have a romantic relationship with me.

Dream 3:
I woke up from a nap I was taking on the couch to find that I had received some mail. I opened one envelope and inside was a cashier's check from the man I know, Chris. It is for $1200.00. I remember telling him previously that I had needed some help and he owed me. He said he would send me $$1200.00 but I doubted that he would. Then when I looked at the check again it was for $1254.00 or $1200.54 (there was a 54 in the number now).

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