Repost: Keep dreaming ex trying to destroy me

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Repost: Keep dreaming ex trying to destroy me

Post by Dreamert00 on Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:04 pm

Hubby & I getting d boys ready 2go 2 their dad. I left d oldest @ home b/c he had no sweater & took d youngest, but it was not yet time so we went 2 church. Their dad, grandmother & uncle was @ d church. We got out d car, I had my son hand which was warm. Their dad ask where is his sweater, I said it wasn't cold. Then I remembered thats Y I left d oldest. I ignored d complaint & walked in church (restaurant). Their dad was in church & said "I was stupid dat I couldn't save my own life". I ignored it, I didn't want hubby 2C & fight. Hubby did C & they went outside 2 argue. I stayed 2 hide my son. My daddy (usher IRL) was waiter I asked him 2 keep son, but he said he couldnt take him everywhere. I put him @ table with other & was leaving & saw stretcher w/dead body. I said no way d corner could make it dat fast (dismissed he killed hubby). I heard their dad say he had 2cover all 15 exists 2 get me. He found me & pointed gun. I said u didnt kill my husband (he had smirk). We went outside my hubby on ground dead with sheet over his body, but I seen his face. I cried & kept asking him Y he killed my hubby. He said "This is when you are tired"(2xs). I dreamed a few weeks ago hubby was killed by an automatic gun. My dad told me to get paper to put over him, but I knew it was too small. I got a bed sheet, as I went out the man fired shots at me, but I ran back in house. My hubby is taking my dreams LIGHTLY.

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