Streaming sunlight, light overcame darkness and healing(short)

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Streaming sunlight, light overcame darkness and healing(short)

Post by angelwingz on Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:20 pm

I dont know how to describe it. I saw light and dark - it was very quick - ( im putting this in parenthesis b/c of my uncertainty to write it this particular part - discolored legs? a woman - not sure too quick of a flash) - then i saw complete black - darkness, then to my right i saw light streaming through a small window , i felt a wind...the wind got my attention at first. the most beautiful sun rays streamed through this window. I noticed in the window a small air conditioner and the accordion looking plastic piece that can slide to keep outside air out was open a little. I slid it open i did not see outside but i knew it was the most beautiful spring day! then i noticed cob webs on the curtains.(like old dusty ones,3) I took a metal curtain rod to wipe them away and I remember thinking Please no spiders!! well there wasnt any spiders. and a knowing came to me - 3 times - healed - in my dream i knew it to be after 3 prayers there will be a healing i believe mine. has something to do with me.

Dream on 2-21-11 Finished writing at 9:20 am.
p.s. the room that was once dark was now full of light, once the sun rays came in it overcame the darkness.

I really pray someone can help me because I am starting to doubt and I deal with people who pretty much tell me to keep quiet about my dreams, no support.
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